Patissiere (Pastry Shop)

Pear Frangipagne Tart

French Classic of Sweet pastry with almond

or hazelnut frangipagne filling,with vanilla poached pears, baked to a golden perfection


Chocolate Ganache Tart

Sweet Pastry filled with rich chocolate ganache filling, garnished and served with organic whipping cream


*add rosewater marinated strawberries with a rose tuile garnish


Tarte Au Citron

French version of the classic Lemon Tart


Gateau Basque

Almond Pastry with Cherry Preserves,

Almond Creme Patissiere, topped with

pastry and baked. Ooh La La!


Apple Galette

Rustic tart stuffed with caramelized apples

with apple pie spices



A European tart of delicate spiced pastry dough with ground nuts, filled with

raspberry preserves.



- Classic New York style

- Pumpkin

- Lemon

- Chocolate or chocolate marble

- Dairy free option available


Chocolate Chili Torte

Bittersweet chocolate, pasilla chili paste, spices, ground almonds. 

Suggest serving with mango or pineapple sorbet.  Delicious!!!


Bittersweet Chocolate Torte

served with rosewater marinated strawberries


Buddha's Best Mocha Cake

with Vanilla Mocha Frosting (Raw)


Carrot Cake

with cashew lemon frosting (raw)


Seasonal Fruit crisp or cobbler

served with organic whipping cream



Special requests welcome!