Sustainable Fish

Choose your style:


- Kalamata olives, lemon and herbs


- Sesame crusted with a miso ginger glaze, comes with grilled pineapple salsa and sticky rice cakes


- Herb rubbed, roasted, topped with gazpacho vinaigrette or warm corn salsa, served with spinach and lemon mashed potatoes


- Oven Roasted in a Saffron Citrus Sauce


- With a Thai Coconu ~ Cilantro Sauce


- Plain 'ole plain 'ole with lemon wedges and tartar




Choice of preparation:


- Marinated in white wine, garlic, herbs,

grilled or oven roasted


- Chicken Marabel with Spanish green

olives and prunes in a wine sauce


- Tangeers style with Moroccan spices

and pears


- With lemon, thyme, and wild mushrooms


- Dijon Honey glazed with rosemary


- Coq au Vin - The French classic with mushrooms, pearl onions, simmered

in red wine and herbs


- With a Cider emulsion & cranberry chutney


- Mary's Version of Saltimbocca

Boneless Chicken Breasts stuffed with Smoked Mozzerella and herbs served

with choice of Mushroom Cream Sauce,

or Marsala

*can add Proscuitto


- Indian Spiced with Cilantro-Mint Chutney




Pork Tenderloins


- Coriander crusted with

Cherry Zinfandel Sauce


- Roasted with herbs, leeks and

fennel, served with a plum chutney


- Cumin rub served with a tomatillo

roasted pumpkin seed chili sauce


- With herbs de Provence and Peaches


- Agave glazed with grilled pineapple





- Red wine marinated flank steak, grilled,

and served with a potato onion compote


- Beef Tenderloin with a wild mushroom,

brandy sauce and green peppercorns


- Korean Skirt Steak ~ Asian style marinade, grilled, served with mango apple relish


- Choice of beef with a blackberry gastrique

or dried cherry marmalade


- Braised with french green lentils,

root vegetables, in a red wine jus




Vegetarian Entrees & Pastas


- Penne Pasta with Crimini mushrooms, fennel, and a roasted red bell pepper sauce


- Papparadelle with Swiss chard, currants,

and walnuts in a brown butter herb sauce


- Classic Lasagna with beef or turkey

and marinara


- Vegetarian lasagna with winter squash

and a Bechamel sauce


- Crab Mac and Cheese


- Feuillitee of artichokes, wild mushrooms,

fennel bulb, and tarragon


- Pasticcio ~ Layers of eggplant, mushrooms, pasta, and marinara, topped with a golden custard and baked


- Moussaka ~ Middle Eastern vegetable gratin with a Moroccan spiced red sauce


- Polenta Torte layered with fresh tomatoes,

herbs, and fontina cheese


- Vegetarian Wellington




Les Accompagnements


- Roasted herbed baby potatoes


- Rice or Quinoa Pilaf


- Corn Pudding with a truffle butter glaze


- Grilled or soft polenta


- Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding


- Garlic or Lemon Mashed Potatoes


- Cous Cous


- Crab Mac and Cheese


- Seasonal Vegetables, grilled and tossed

with olive oil, balsamic, and fresh herbs;

or oven roasted or steamed


- Seasonal Vegetable Gratin


- Moroccan Vegetable Tagine


*add chickpeas and serve with

couscous as an entree